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Training and coaching for leaders who want to communicate confidently and authentically in any situation.

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Is your communication style holding you back?

Do nerves get the best of you when you’re the centre of attention?

Speaking engagements, meetings, interviews, and social situations can become a source of stress when you’re unsure of your ability to communicate effectively.

Wish you could speak with more authority and confidence?

Feel your ideas aren’t heard or appreciated during discussions and meetings?
Long to inspire your team but not sure what to do?

Want to engage your audience and establish rapport?

Are you anxious about leading critical meetings or presentations?
Overlooked for opportunities due to your quiet style?

If you’d like to show up with more presence and confidence in
high-stakes situations
, Viva Voce can help.

Become a more powerful communicator.

We get it, speaking in front of others can be nerve-wracking.

That’s why our step-by-step Speak to Lead framework combines engaging and informative classes, expert coaching, and low-pressure performance opportunities. This tailored approach helps dissolve speaking anxiety and equips you to speak with confidence and conviction.

When you feel prepared to speak in any situation, you’ll approach new challenges feeling calm, grounded, and even excited.

Overcome speaking anxiety

Connect with others more easily

Lead through critical situations with grace

Programs for every step of the journey.

Be seen, be heard, and make an impact.

Private Speech Consulting

Small Group Classes

Corporate Team Trainings

Life changing!

I almost can’t even put into words how incredible this journey has been… My initial reason to find Viva Voce was to expand my voice for work and have it land more powerfully, and little did I know it was an exploration to excavate my soul…. Life changing, to say the least. And so much fun! It’s just like learning to be a kid again.”

Dr. Neetu Dhiman

I'm amazed by the progress!

“I felt welcome and carefully listened to since the very first day. Classes were adapted to my personal goals and adjusted every week. That kind of flexibility is not usual, and I valued it very much. I’m amazed by how much progress we made in a few months, well beyond my initial expectations.

Diego Quiroga

Helped me to develop greater self-awareness, self-confidence and self-assertiveness.

“I originally approached Camilla to get voice coaching for professional development. I started reaping the benefits quite shortly after I began working with her and those benefits have been profound. They have also impacted me on a personal level, not just a professional one. Voice coaching with Camilla has helped me to develop greater self-awareness, self-confidence and self-assertiveness. In particular, she has been helping me learn how to use my voice to establish my personal boundaries. Camilla has changed the trajectory of my life.”

– Software Engineer, Vancouver

Fixed the problem, forever!

“After spending 30 years as an executive unable to project his voice to large groups of employees or constituents, just a few private coaching sessions with Camilla has fixed the problem – forever! In addition, her coaching on delivery style and content has been invaluable.

Jeff Alexander
President & CEO, Vancouver Symphony Society

Captivate the room with a confident voice.

It’s simple to start:


Connect with us

Explore our programs or reach out to speak with us.


Develop confidence

Achieve your goals through our supportive programs and simple speaking opportunities.


Take the stage

Show up with confidence and presence in any situation.

Powerful communication opens a world of possibilities.

When you speak with conviction, you prove to yourself that whatever you want is possible.

With a confident voice, you can:

Step up, speak out, and inspire others

Develop the decisive presence of a leader

Reach exciting career goals

Achieve your purpose

Make a bigger difference in the world



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