Public Speaking Programs

Programs for leaders, entrepreneurs, and professionals who want to speak with confidence.

“The exercises in the voice classes helped with projection and consistent tone and I was able to confidently speak up and offer guidance, solutions and leadership at regular production meetings.”

Entrepreneur & Class Participant

“I gained more knowledge as an entrepreneur and grew in my leadership development. I would highly recommend Viva Voce Speech Arts Studio for anyone looking to speak with more clarity, confidence and ease.

Yiely Ho
Consultant & Leadership Coach

“The instructors have boundless encouragement for students and raise the bar for teachers everywhere… they are superb listeners.”

Happy Client

Take the first steps to move from
towards calm confidence as a speaker.

You’ll love feeling sure of how to prepare and practice, trusting in yourself, and feeling ready — even excited.

Private Voice & Speech Sessions

Beginners to Advanced | Private Sessions

Develop your foundation of skills towards speaking confidently anytime, any place. Expand your tool kit and start to develop proficiency with performance skills. Sessions are tailored to your interests, goals, and pace.

Dates and sessions arranged to fit your schedule.
Delivered online or in person in our Vancouver and West Vancouver Locations.

Level 1: Spark Your Speaking

Beginners | Group Classes

Discover how much fun speaking can be. Get tools to calm your nervous system, personalize text and experiment with vocal expression. Discover the fundamentals every speaker needs: speaker’s posture, breath, volume, clarity, and expression — all in a playful, collaborative setting.

Next session starts Feb 6, 2024. There are limited spaces available. Please register early to avoid disappointment.

Level 2: Smooth Storytelling

Intermediate to Advanced | Group Classes

This is your time to shine! Now that you know the fundamentals, time to get comfortable talking about…. GULP… yourself! This class will help you take your storytelling to the next level.

You’ll learn the arc of an anecdote (personal story) and how to tell it. Craft your own anecdote, rehearse with feedback, and finally present it at our end of term performance opportunity, to a supportive audience.

Next session starts April 2024. There are limited spaces available. Please register early to avoid disappointment.

What to expect from online group classes:

A fun, engaging experience with likeminded individuals cheering you on.
A positive, supportive environment to try something new.
A newfound and unshakable love of and appreciation for your voice.

Group classes are delivered live on Zoom unless otherwise noted.


Be more confident in any speaking situation

Clear, confident communication can make a world of difference — whether you’re leading a team, growing a business, or wanting to leave an impression. But speaking in high-stakes situations can make even the best of us feel nervous!

Like any skill, public speaking can be learned with the right tools and practice. In our Speak to Lead group classes, we help you tackle nerves, conquer anxiety, and turn any speaking situation into a chance to shine.

And the best part? Better speaking skills don’t just help with speaking on stages — they can open doors and spark growth in all areas of your life.

Online lessons have been great. I’d planned to do just a few weeks of in-person while I was living in Vancouver, but we switched to online after I moved. Our video conferencing sessions have been active and engaging­­­. …it’s a bonus to be comfortably communicating through online platforms.”

Max Edworthy,
Successful Med School applicant

“My initial reason to find Viva Voce was to expand my voice for work and have it land more powerfully, and little did I know it was an exploration to excavate my soul…. Life changing, to say the least. And so much fun! It’s just like learning to be a kid again.

Dr. Neetu Dhiman

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Frequently asked questions about Viva Voce’s Voice and Speech Programs

What happens in a typical class?

Group classes follow a usual structure: 

  • Check in & connection – a chance to get to know other group members
  • Physical and vocal warm up where you’ll learn, review and practise essential speakers’ tools
  • Rehearsal of a text (putting it all together)
  • Interactive games or activities to further practice skills, prompt creative thinking, and develop impromptu speaking
  • Assigning homeplay – getting clear about how you’ll explore and practice the skills at home

How much homework is there?

We prefer to call it “homeplay” as we want you to engage with the activities in a way that is enjoyable and triggers your curiosity and feelings of play.  This is the mental space where most learning happens. Usually, there is about 15 minutes of homeplay a day.  This could include standing in speaker’s posture and rehearsing your text, memorizing a chunk of text, or drafting a story or speech.

What are the expectations?

You will want to have a private space with a good internet connection to get the most out of these classes.  

Arrive on time, ready to engage and do the work.  

Do your homeplay.

Be curious, open, accepting, willing to take risks.

Ask questions.

Be ready to listen carefully to and support your classmates.

What happens at the performance opportunity?

Our end-of-term workshop recitals are 1.5h events that are a 45 min workshop (warm ups and games designed to help you feel at ease, connected to the group, and ready to perform) followed by a 45 min performance, where everyone takes a turn ‘taking the stage’ and sharing something they’ve prepared.  We close with refreshments and free time to connect with the other participants.

You can opt-in to be filmed.  The recording will be made available to you and you can use it to debrief and measure your own progress.

What is a progression I can follow?

Our group classes are designed to teach you the most sought after skills in a logical progression.  Our beginner series provides you with the fundamentals every great speaker should have, and once you’ve got these transferable skills, the intermediate series teaches you how to formulate and include storytelling in your speaking.  From here, you can continue to deepen your skills, pursue your specific goals, and become an outstanding speaker or performer in our 1:1 voice and speech consulting sessions.  Find out more about our 1:1 consulting here.

Are there in-person classes?

Currently all our sessions are online, not in person. This helps us serve people with different scheduling needs and from all many different locations. We do offer our students in-person speaking opportunities at various times through the year.

Not sure which class is for you?

Get in touch with our team! We can help determine the best path for you.