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Woman Speaking

“The exercises in the voice classes helped with projection and consistent tone and I was able to confidently speak up and offer guidance, solutions and leadership at regular production meetings.”

Entrepreneur & Class Participant

“Online lessons with Camilla have been great. I’d planned to do just a few weeks of in-person while I was living in Vancouver, but we switched to online after I moved. Our video conferencing sessions have been active and engaging­­­. With COVID-19, my interviews and lecturing work have all moved online, so it’s been a bonus to be comfortably communicating through online platforms. All of the stars!”

Max Edworthy


“I originally approached Camilla to get voice coaching for professional development. I started reaping the benefits quite shortly after I began working with her and those benefits have been profound. They have also impacted me on a personal level, not just a professional one. For example, I found voice coaching with Camilla has helped me to develop greater self-awareness, self-confidence and self-assertiveness. In particular, she has been helping me learn how to use my voice to establish my personal boundaries. Camilla has changed the trajectory of my life.”

Software Engineer


Aside from having an abundance of formal knowledge and skills for coaching me to make the best use of my voice, and beyond her ability to train for proper posture, hand gestures, portrayal of confidence, speech structure as well as for exuding credibility, it is ultimately Camilla’s gift for granting unconditional acceptance, with a super-friendly personality and always a big happy smile and cheers of encouragement, that has catapulted me out of my shell and onto the stage, talking comfortably and confidently to groups of people – something I never could do before without a debilitating feeling of terror. For me, visiting Camilla is an oasis away from being judged or feeling self-conscious. Her unwavering enthusiasm is what makes her great. Thank you Camilla, you have made a very positive impact on my life.”

Leonard Nelson

Software Developer

“My initial reason to find Viva Voce was to expand my voice for work and have it land more powerfully, and little did I know it was an exploration to excavate my soul…. Life changing, to say the least. And so much fun! It’s just like learning to be a kid again.

Dr. Neetu Dhiman

“Camilla is very enthusiastic and her sessions are fun, active, and interactive. The sessions were structured to both respond to my concerns about my communication skills, and work on elements of speaking that I had never considered. Camilla’s feedback and techniques have improved my conversational and formal speaking style, and left me with strategies that I can implement on my own to continue that improvement.”

Michelle Segal


“I’m a French man with a terrible accent. Camilla was wonderful with helping me with my pronunciation… After a few intense classes, where she knew how to make me feel comfortable, I was able to hear my mistakes and start working on them. She took me through useful exercises and was patient enough to correct me again and again without making me feel bad. I would advise anybody who needs to improve his diction to ask for Camilla’s help! I now feel way more comfortable when I speak and most of all I am finally understood.”

Julien, 29

Business Analyst

“I gained more knowledge as an entrepreneur and grew in my leadership development. I would highly recommend Viva Voce Speech Arts Studio for anyone looking to speak with more clarity, confidence and ease.

Yiely Ho
Consultant & Leadership Coach

“Dear Camilla –
I want to thank you very much for playing an integral role in the success of my presentation last week.
Your recommendations on script additions and flow, as well as physical exercises, made all the difference. There is no question that my delivery and the presentation itself would not have been nearly as good as it was because of your help.

I look forward to working with you again in the future.”

Holly Carinci


“The instructors have boundless encouragement for students and raise the bar for teachers everywhere… they are superb listeners.”

Happy Client

“After spending 30 years as an executive unable to project his voice to large groups of employees or constituents, just a few private coaching sessions with Camilla has fixed the problem – forever! In addition, her coaching on delivery style and content has been invaluable. I recommend her, with great enthusiasm, and gratitude!”

Jeff Alexander

President & CEO, Vancouver Symphony Society

“Hi Camilla,

Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know what that hour I spent with you has done for me! First of all, I want to thank you for allowing me to be completely open that day; I realize I have always kept myself hidden from view. I have spoken at two classes since I saw you, and I felt confident, open and I didn’t flush once!!! Without any formal coaching before, I never had an opportunity to allow my emotions to come through.

Thank you again”

Brandi Wein

“Camilla tailored the lessons to meet my goals, and employed a variety of techniques to improve my presence and tone, resulting in a more effective overall presentation. Working with Camilla was an eye opening experience and I would strongly recommend it to anyone interested in improving their speaking and communication skills.”

Jen Winstanley


“Camilla was able to make a huge difference in the presentation skills of four girls from Northern Ghana who completed a speaking tour in Vancouver for six weeks. Within a few hours, the girls gained confidence, valuable presentation skills, and were able to redefine their speeches to become more articulate and engaging. With Camilla’s help, the girls’ presentations raised over $120,000 for girls’ education in West Africa. Our organization is extremely grateful for her work and support.”

Shannen O’Brian

Create Change Foundation

“Hi Camilla,

I would like to say thank you for all your support during the lessons. You have helped a lot and it will make positive changes in my life.”

Diana Contreras

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