Private Voice & Speech Sessions

Tailored, 1-on-1 sessions designed to help leaders speak with confidence.
Available in-person (in Vancouver and West Vancouver) or online.

“After spending 30 years as an executive unable to project his voice to large groups of employees or constituents, just a few private coaching sessions with Camilla has fixed the problem – forever! In addition, her coaching on delivery style and content has been invaluable. I recommend her, with great enthusiasm, and gratitude!”

Jeff Alexander
President & CEO, Vancouver Symphony Society

“Coaching with Camilla has helped me to develop greater self-awareness, self-confidence and self-assertiveness. In particular, she has been helping me learn how to use my voice to establish my personal boundaries. Camilla has changed the trajectory of my life.”

Software Engineer

“The instructors have boundless encouragement for students and raise the bar for teachers everywhere… they are superb listeners.”

Happy Client

“Camilla tailored the lessons to meet my goals, and employed a variety of techniques to improve my presence and tone, resulting in a more effective overall presentation. Working with Camilla was an eye opening experience and I would strongly recommend it to anyone interested in improving their speaking and communication skills.”

Jen Winstanley

Grow through personalized one-on-one sessions.

With your coach by your side, you’ll grow faster and go further. Here’s what you can expect:

A personalized journey beginning with a detailed assessment and a structured plan to help you master each aspect of your voice.
Tailored guidance to improve your presence, featuring techniques to enhance posture, control breathing, and modulate voice effectively.
Concrete strategies to manage public speaking nerves and build your confidence.
Specific feedback on your unique communication style, aiding you to harness its strengths and address its weaknesses.
A deeper understanding of your own voice and its potential to influence and inspire others.
Consistent support for accountability, motivation, and clarity from your coach.
Sessions are customized to suit your specific needs and goals.

You’ll also get:

The chance to perform in front an audience in our community performance opportunities.

Bonus group workshops for extra preparation leading up to the performance opportunity.
Viva Voce Speaker’s Handbook: A comprehensive guide to vocal care, warmups, and rehearsals.

“I gained more knowledge as an entrepreneur and grew in my leadership development. I would highly recommend Viva Voce Speech Arts Studio for anyone looking to speak with more clarity, confidence and ease.

Yiely Ho
Consultant & Leadership Coach

“Camilla is very enthusiastic and her sessions are fun, active, and interactive. The sessions were structured to both respond to my concerns about my communication skills, and work on elements of speaking that I had never considered. Camilla’s feedback and techniques have improved my conversational and formal speaking style, and left me with strategies that I can implement on my own to continue that improvement.”

Michelle Segal

“Camilla’s gift for granting unconditional acceptance, with a super-friendly personality and always a big happy smile and cheers of encouragement, has catapulted me out of my shell and onto the stage, talking comfortably and confidently to groups of people – something I never could do before without a debilitating feeling of terror. For me, visiting Camilla is an oasis away from being judged or feeling self-conscious. Her unwavering enthusiasm is what makes her great.”
Leonard Nelson
Software developer
“I originally approached Camilla to get voice coaching for professional development. I started reaping the benefits quite shortly after I began working with her and those benefits have been profound. They have also impacted me on a personal level, not just a professional one. For example, I found voice coaching with Camilla has helped me to develop greater self-awareness, self-confidence and self-assertiveness. In particular, she has been helping me learn how to use my voice to establish my personal boundaries. Camilla has changed the trajectory of my life.”

Software Engineer


About us

Viva Voce Speech Arts Studio was founded by Camilla Burgess in 2012. We have helped hundreds of people locally and internationally become the leaders and speakers they wish to be.

We see time and again how mastering public speaking elevates people in both their personal and professional lives.

Fun + Learning = Big Growth

A philosophy that leads to success.

We believe that connection precedes learning and that when we play, we are in the state of “Social Engagement”, which is the same state we must be in to learn and communicate effectively.

That’s why our sessions are always highly interactive, focused on connecting, warming up together, and providing coaching and live feedback.

This approach encourages participants to feel supported to take risks, try new things, and grow.

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Frequently asked questions about
Private Voice and Speech Consulting:

Can confident public speaking really be taught?

Absolutely. Public speaking can be taught and learned. Just like learning any skill, it takes motivation, curiosity, focus, dedication, and practice.

If you are willing to bring all these, you will improve.
We help you set your own goals and support you towards them. No matter your experience level, our coaches are trained to nurture your unique strengths and address your individual challenges.

How soon can I expect to see improvements in my public speaking and communication skills?

Personal growth is done at a personal pace!  Some clients make breakthroughs quickly, other clients have a steadier approach.  Regardless, it’s important to remember that you are developing skills, and like any skills, it takes practice to get good. 

Your improvement corresponds to how much you put in.  Some clients are happy and feel they’ve completed their goals within their initial term of study, and others notice how much growth they’ve had as well as how much more they can grow and learn, and choose to continue coaching with us.

Is this private consulting suitable for someone with little or no public speaking experience?

Yes. This is suitable for people with all range of skills, whether a beginner, intermediate or expert.  We will find out where you are at, determine your goals together, and help you get to where you want to go.

Can I apply the skills learned during the coaching sessions to virtual meetings and presentations?

Yes!  You will learn transferable skills that will help you in any speaking scenario.  We can also give you specific tools and tips for speaking in virtual environments, like zoom meetings and webinars.  

What makes Viva Voce's private voice and speech consulting different?

We genuinely care about you. We are superb listeners who really see and hear you. 

We provide a safe, non-judgmental environment for you to take risks, come out of your shell, become playful and exploratory. 

We work collaboratively with you, at your own pace, to advance you towards your specific goals.  We’ll help you see blind spots, and provide you with appropriate next steps. 

We are able to provide both structure and flexibility in your sessions – through using our tried-tested-and-true curriculum for your learning arc, and by listening to your priorities and requests and adapting to those as needed. 

Our clients learn and grow as both speakers and people, and are happy (as their rave testimonials reveal)!

Who are the private voice and speech consultants at Viva Voce?

We have a team of dedicated, passionate teachers, all with backgrounds in voice and speech work. Find out more about our team here. 

Will there be opportunities for me to practice speaking in front of a group or audience?

Yes.  We have low-pressure performance opportunities three times a year in September, March and June at our Workshop Recitals.  

These are 1.5h events that are a 45 min workshop (warm ups and games designed to help you feel at ease, connected to the group, and ready to perform) followed by a 45 min performance, where everyone takes a turn ‘taking the stage’ and sharing something they’ve prepared.  We close with refreshments and free time to connect with the other participants.


You can opt-in to be filmed.  You and your coach can use the recording to debrief and measure your own progress.

I have a busy schedule. Can the classes be scheduled at convenient times, including weekends or evenings?

Yes!  We offer coaching sessions during the day, in the evenings, and on weekends.

What is the commitment after the initial 12-15 sessions? Can I extend if I want to keep improving?

Yes! Many clients continue their coaching for multiple terms as they see the value, want to keep improving, and love the program!  After your initial set of sessions, we roll over to term-by-term registration.  Terms are Sept-Dec, Jan-Mar, Apr-June, and summer.


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