Confident Kids Program

Public speaking and performance programs for children and youth.

Speak up, speak clearly and speak with confidence!

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Public Speaking Classes for Kids

Does your child love performing? Or do they get really nervous when they have to speak to an audience? Could your child benefit from speaking louder or more clearly? Would you like your child to feel more comfortable socializing and in conversation?

We welcome all students, from aspiring actors, to shy kids, from competition award winners to beginners, both native English speakers, and ESL speakers. Our programs help conquer nerves and develop confident speaking for kids and youth ages 4-18.

Private Coaching

Private speech arts classes are available for youth ages 4 – 18. We are now offering both online and in-person classes.

Our program follows our comprehensive Viva Voce curriculum, which, over the course of full school year, exposes students to a variety of literature and performance styles, as well as honing the arts of public speaking, storytelling, and conversation.

Choose from 30, 45, or 60-minute 1:1 sessions.

Please register by emailing us at info@vivavocespeech.ca or by calling our studio at 778-882-8482.

Group Speech Classes

In our small group classes, students have fun co-creating dramatic pieces with their classmates, while also getting time to work on solo pieces.

All students receive feedback and support from their teacher, while also learning from witnessing and collaborating with their classmates.

We foster a safe, inclusive environment where students feel respected, and are willing to take risks, share ideas, and try new things.

You may register for any of our group classes online or by emailing us at info@vivavocespeech.ca or by calling our studio.

Hero Dice Storytelling Camps

Greetings, brave heroes! Welcome to The Hero’s Journey Storytelling Class.

In this class, we will embark on an epic adventure, using the structure of a tabletop roleplaying game to guide us. We will study the works of Joseph Campbell and Christopher Vogler, analyzing their respective approaches to the Monomyth – also known as the “Hero’s Journey” – a narrative structure that has been used in literature and storytelling for centuries.

Additionally, we will have the opportunity to study other great authors and their works, exploring how the Monomyth frames the famous stories told throughout the ages. We’ll cover Greek Mythology, Tolkien, and George Lucas, among many other obscure myths and stories.

These groups are suitable for children ages 8 – 12. All Group classes take place at our West Vancouver Studio.

Register now for our next Spring Break Camps March 18-22 – register for the full week or single days! 

Provides a rich foundation

“Viva Voce has been a wonderful encouragement to my daughter’s growth. She finds her classes and recitals thoroughly enjoyable and engaging, and I am thrilled, because my own childhood Speech Arts experience has provided me with a rich foundation for adult communications and reading.”

– Susan (Parent)

Builds self confidence

“It really builds self confidence and self awareness. I really enjoyed my two years here at Viva Voce.” 

– Tracey Chen Gr. 10

Became a stronger student

“My daughter studied speech arts with Ms. Burgess for two terms. The results were and remain impressive as she went from C’s to A’s in her school presentations. Improvements were very notable from the beginning- no more fear of speaking in front of classmates or teachers. Really grateful to Ms. Burgess for turning my shy daughter into a courageous speaker and a stronger student. ”

— Norman D., M.D. (Parent)

Teachers are really nice

“Viva Voce is the best place ever! The teachers are really nice, and I enjoy learning there!”

– Jessica Young, Gr. 3

Academically and socially enriching

“Within the first term studying with [Viva Voce], my daughter found her voice academically and socially at school. She is more outspoken and articulate, drawing the positive attention of her teachers and peers alike. Her presentation and participation skills dramatically improved, raising her marks. Ms. Burgess is a positive and passionate role model who can make a difference in your child’s life and future.”

— Laverna C. (Parent)