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About Us

You’ve felt it – the nerves before a big presentation, the anxiety when all eyes are on you.

At Viva Voce Speech Arts Studio, we understand.

More importantly, we know how to guide you from that place of anxiety to a space of confident self-expression. Here’s a little about how we work.

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Transform the world with your voice

At Viva Voce Speech Arts Studio, we believe in the power of voice. A lot of people fear public speaking, get anxious about presenting, or lose sleep worrying about high-stakes conversations. 

And the journey to becoming a confident speaker can be unclear. 

That’s why for the past 12 years, we’ve guided individuals like you to move from speaking anxiety to confidence and excitement. Our mission is to awaken your living voice and help you create the impact you dream of. 

Just imagine a world where everyone brings their full, vibrant voice and self to their communities — how incredible would that be? 

Life changing!

“Thank you very much for playing an integral role in the success of my presentation last week.

Your recommendations on script additions and flow, as well as physical exercises, made all the difference. There is no question that my delivery and the presentation itself would not have been nearly as good as it was because of your help.”

Holly Carinci

Our Team

Our team of experienced voice and speech instructors are here for you. We approach teaching with empathy and understanding, knowing that your voice is deeply connected to your sense of self. We’re here to listen, encourage, and challenge you, all with the aim of helping you reach your full potential.


Your Journey to Confident Speaking

Our signature Speak to Lead framework guides you to becoming an effective communicator:

steps to learning public speaking

1 - Spark Your Speaking

Your speaking journey begins here. You’ll learn the fundamentals of speaking, gain tools to calm your nervous system, personalize your content, and experiment with vocal expression. This phase is all about igniting the joy of speaking and laying the foundation for effective communication.

2 - Tell Your Stories

Building on the fundamentals, next you’ll focus on personal storytelling. You’ll learn the arc of an anecdote, begin to craft your own stories, and be able to present them to a supportive audience. This phase is about refining your speaking skills and becoming comfortable with sharing your own narratives.

3 - Amplify Your Impact

Continue your growth, set personal goals and hone your skills through private sessions or ongoing group classes. Get more practice speaking in front of an audience, and stay connected to our community of like-minded students and instructors.

At Viva Voce, we’re committed to helping you develop a more impactful presence, reach your goals, and make a bigger difference in the world. And we do it all with a sense of playfulness and fun!

Whether in group classes or private sessions, we love to share the joyful experience of finding your voice.

““This is something almost everyone I know and meet would benefit from – the whole world needs to learn to do this!”

Denise M
CEO, Founder

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