Confident Public Speaking Workshop

Half- or full-day workshops for leadership teams, C-Suite executives, and boards.
Delivered in person.

“This workshop pushed us out of our comfort zones and was great for developing our leaders. The energy and engagement in the room was palpable.
– Stuart Freeman, Business Centre Manager & BDC Workshop Participant


Inspire your leaders to be more confident communicators

Effective communication is key in today’s business landscape. The best leaders inspire their teams and build bridges when they speak.

But even the most talented individuals can stumble with nerves when they present or speak. High-pressure moments can cause us to falter.

The good news is, anyone can learn to master their delivery. Our Confident Public Speaking workshop is designed to help your people tame anxiety, conquer public speaking nerves, and approach any presentation or speaking opportunity with confidence.

When your leaders speak with confidence, it strengthens your whole team. It’s not just about better speeches – it’s about creating clear conversations that move your business forward.

Life changing!

“Thank you very much for playing an integral role in the success of my presentation last week.

Your recommendations on script additions and flow, as well as physical exercises, made all the difference. There is no question that my delivery and the presentation itself would not have been nearly as good as it was because of your help.”

Holly Carinci

Extremely grateful!

“Camilla was able to make a huge difference in the presentation skills of four girls from Northern Ghana who completed a speaking tour in Vancouver for six weeks. Within a few hours, the girls gained confidence, valuable presentation skills, and were able to redefine their speeches to become more articulate and engaging. With Camilla’s help, the girls’ presentations raised over $120,000 for girls’ education in West Africa. Our organization is extremely grateful for her work and support.”

Shannen O’Brian
Create Change Foundation

An interactive, hands-on workshop to develop your team’s communication and presentation skills.

This workshop includes:

Straightforward, tested methods to overcome stage anxiety and keep nerves in check.

Practical guidance to enhance presence through better posture, controlled breathing, and optimal speaking volume.
Expert advice for confidently presenting content created by others.
Easy-to-follow tips for delivering clear speeches and presentations.
Proven tactics to help with rehearsal and preparation.
The workshop can be customized to fit your organization’s needs and goals.

What to expect

Engaging Exercises

These are not lectures that keep you in your seat. Expect to stand up and get moving with games, connection activities, and brainstorming.

Live Feedback

Your team will get detailed, encouraging feedback to help improve their performance, whether they’re beginners or expert-level speakers.

Continuous Growth

Every participant will receive a repeatable physical and vocal warm-up guide for optimal performance, to continue improving even after the workshop.

About us

Viva Voce Speech Arts Studio was founded by Camilla Burgess in 2012. We have helped hundreds of people locally and internationally become the leaders and speakers they wish to be.

We see time and again how mastering public speaking can elevate the impact of leaders and their organizations.

Fun + Learning = Big Growth

A workshop philosophy that leads to success.

We believe that connection precedes learning and that when we play, we are in the state of “Social Engagement”, which is the same state we must be in to learn and communicate effectively.

That’s why our workshops are always highly interactive, with games and connection activities. We keep our presentations brief, and include plenty of time for brainstorming, warming up together, and providing coaching, practice, and live feedback.

This approach encourages all participants to feel supported to take risks, cheer each other on, try new things, and grow.

Workshop clients have included:

Help your leaders approach any speaking situation with confidence

Workshop details

The Confident Public Speaking workshop can be delivered as a half-day or full-day, highly interactive event designed to engage participants in learning and practicing public speaking skills.

The specific schedule will be developed to meet your needs.

Participants can expect to:

Calm speaking nerves
Improve presentation skills
Benefit from hands-on coaching
Engage in communication-boosting games
Boost overall confidence in public speaking

Past workshop participants have said:

Eye-opening learning

“I learned a variety of techniques to improve my presence and tone, resulting in a more effective overall presentation. An eye-opening experience and I would strongly recommend it to anyone interested in improving their speaking and communication skills.”

Jen Winstanley


Useful and detailed feedback

“I loved Camilla’s enthusiasm during the whole workshop and I found her feedback that she provided for my speech to be very useful and detailed.”

Eureka Liu


Tools to deal with stressors

“Very helpful tools given to deal with stressors, and excellent feedback to presenters.”

Johann Van Rensburg

Strategic Team Lead, BDC

Engaging activities

“All of the activities were very engaging, and I learned a lot about speaking!”

Eric Chen

SFU workshop participant

A benefit for everyone

“This is something almost everyone I know and meet would benefit from – the whole world needs to learn to do this.”

Denise M

CEO, Founder


Personalized coaching

A series of 5 one-on-one coaching sessions for your key players.
Our workshop equips your team with the foundational skills they need to communicate effectively. And we understand that some members of your organization might be ready to go even further.

For those looking to significantly elevate their public speaking capabilities, we offer one-on-one coaching sessions. This can be a game-changer for key personnel who regularly engage in high-stakes communication.

With this coaching, your team members will:

● Overcome personal public speaking hurdles.
● Develop a distinct and effective communication style.
● Amplify their impact every time they present or speak.

This isn’t a requirement – it’s an opportunity for your organization to foster exceptional communicators and leaders. Consider it an investment in amplifying your organization’s voice and influence.


“After spending 30 years as an executive unable to project his voice to large groups of employees or constituents, just a few private coaching sessions with Camilla has fixed the problem – forever! In addition, her coaching on delivery style and content has been invaluable. I recommend her, with great enthusiasm, and gratitude!”

Jeff Alexander
President & CEO, Vancouver Symphony Society

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Frequently asked questions about
the Confident Public Speaking workshop:

Who is this workshop for?

Our public speaking workshop is designed for a wide range of individuals and organizations. It’s an excellent resource for teams of 12 – 25 people, including:

  • Teams and departments within larger corporations who need to present ideas effectively and persuasively.
  • Nonprofit organizations that require strong communication for fundraising and community engagement.
  • Educational institutions such as schools and universities looking to enhance their students’ or faculty’s public speaking abilities.
  • Leadership teams aiming to improve their team’s communication and presentation skills.

In other words, if you or your team need to communicate effectively in front of others, this workshop will provide invaluable tools and techniques to enhance your speaking abilities. Regardless of your sector or industry, effective public speaking is a crucial skill, and our workshop is designed to hone that skill in an engaging, interactive environment.

Can confident public speaking really be taught?

Think public speaking can’t be taught? Many of our past participants felt the same, but they left the workshop as confident, effective speakers. No matter your experience level, our coaches are trained to nurture your unique strengths and address your individual challenges.

We don't speak on stages. Will this workshop help us?

Absolutely! While our workshop does use the term ‘public speaking’, the skills and techniques we teach are not limited to the traditional stage setup. The principles of effective communication are universal, whether you’re leading a team meeting, presenting to a client, or speaking in an all-hands gathering.

In our workshop, we focus on helping you communicate your ideas clearly, confidently, and compellingly in any situation. The strategies we provide will help you articulate your thoughts effectively, manage nerves, and connect with your audience—be it one person or one hundred. So, yes, even if you’re not speaking on a literal ‘stage,’ our workshop can bring significant value to your day-to-day communications and career growth opportunities.

Is the content of the workshop customizable?

Yes, while there is core content to this workshop, the outcomes can be tailored to meet the specific needs and goals of your organization. Please speak with our team to find out more.

What is the optimal number of participants in each workshop?

This workshop is designed for teams of 12 – 25 people. If you have a larger or smaller team, please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Can the workshops be conducted virtually?

Currently, our workshops are on-site for more effective and hands-on learning. However, we can discuss virtual options if that suits your team’s needs better.

What kind of follow-up or ongoing support is available after the workshop?

Our commitment doesn’t end with the workshop. We provide a guide for ongoing practice and are available to answer any further questions participants might have as they put their new skills into practice. We can also provide optional one-on-one coaching for leaders who wish to pursue further development as speakers.

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